The Art of Letting Go (Apartment Edition) | Laureen Uy

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If you've seen my previous apartment tours, you're probably thinking where I hide all my kalat and junk-- well... on this video, I'll be sharing with you where I keep all of them. Recently, I've been telling myself to let go of some of the things I don't really use inside my condo anymore and to be honest, it was really hard at first. Most of the things we own have sentimental value and we never really wanna let go of them because we feel so attached to these items. One thing I learned though is that it's not the physical product we need to keep, but the memories. When our place gets pretty full and we notice ang dami nang tambak, it's not about us buying more stuff-- it's about us not learning to let go of the items we don't really need. So this vlog is all about the art of letting go (apartment edition, wag niyo i-relate sa love hahaha). After choosing the items I realized I don't really need anymore, I opened an account at Carousell so I can sell my items there and earn extra cash. It's such an easy platform to use because the layout is so neat and it's so easy to communicate there too.

More information about my account on my vlog but you look for my account by clicking this link:

It's actually a download link but once you have the app, go to the search bar, search username and type "laureenmuy", same as my IG account lang. Please adopt my old items and take good care of them! x

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Video editor: Kirstin Alonzo
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