Rescue kitten who got stuck during labor and was born without breathing

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Rescue kitten who got stuck during labor and was born without breathing
I decided to tell you the story of how we had to save the first kitten Basi.
This is an educational story aimed at helping those who face such a situation.
The kitten was born without breathing and then you only have 5 minutes to save the kitten in this case.
I hope this story will help those who are waiting for the birth of kittens.
Or for those who want to understand how this happens.
Our cat Basi has been carrying kittens for 68 days.
Usually cats give birth at 63-65 days.
But 58-72 days can also be the norm.
Three days before giving birth, Basya became very tender and asked to always be with her.
Often cats feel that something is wrong and try to tell us about it.
The kittens' heartbeat was normal and there was no reason to worry.
But when the attempts began, I realized that the kitten could not get out.
The attempts lasted for an hour, and the kitten did not appear.
At some point I saw a kitten's tail sticking out of my cat.
I realized that the kitten was walking forward with its feet.
Considering that this was the first kitten, this was a problem.
Before giving birth, I brought Basya many different houses.
But she chose the smallest one and decided to give birth there.
I realized that the cat needed to stand up to its full height in order to push the kitten out and moved her to another place.
The kitten was half out, but still inside her.
There was very little time.
I understood that life counts in seconds.
I helped the cat with the next push and the kitten was born.
But he managed to choke on the waters and did not breathe.
Before giving birth, you must have a douche.
With it you can pump out mucus from the kitten’s nose and mouth.
Our story ended well.
And immediately after the first kitten, the second was born, which was already walking head first.
Of course, it is better if a veterinarian is with you during the birth of your cat.
But if this is not possible, you must remember that the life of a newborn kitten will depend on your actions.
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