Scooter ST*ABBED At HYBE? Scooter Braun LEAVES & Jungkook FORCED To Leave w/ Him? Hater Put In JAIL

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Hey Dumplings, today I want to get into more #Kpop news, specifically more #BTS news. I want to get into people scared that Scooter Braun might get stabbed or hurt. I want to get into Scooter potentially leaving HYBE and people believing he might force Jung Kook to leave as well. And then legal action taken on a fan. Let me know what you think and drop your thoughts down below in the comments.

0:00 Table of Contents
0:23 Fan Gets Sued
4:00 Scooter In Danger
6:00 Will Scooter Leave HYBE with Jung Kook?
8:45 What You Can Do Next To Support

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